Month: August 2019

  • Episode 25: Rushing or Dragging

    This Episode Sergio & Veronica talk about finishing things and getting them done. Veronica gives a postmortem report on her Paschal Candle. We talk about the movie Whiplash and how […]

  • Episode 24: fidget stick

    Special extra tired episode with special guest Ed. we talk about xmaz, new years, Bourdain, drones, and ed has special announcement Special Guest: Ed McCurley. Links: Volume 33 1/3 – […]

  • Episode 23: Llego el pavo

    Happy Thanksgiving! Veronica and Sergio talk about MLM, failing, more failing, and turkeyday. Links: Llego el pavo – YouTube

  • Episode 22: Pokemon No

    This podcast we talk about Veterans Day, Halloween, People who hate Halloween, Podxestencial crisis & Detective Pikachu Links: POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer #1 – YouTube All Hallow’s Eve […]

  • Episode 21: The Void

    This podcast we talk about self destruction, VR, panoramical, pour painting, craft fairs. Links: Mark Rothko – Wikipedia What is Panoramical? – YouTube deep vr Annihilation (2018) – Official Trailer […]

  • Episode 20: Upgrade your corn dog

    We’re back in our new studio with special guest Ed. We talk about the Big E and Inktober and other things. This one is a snoozer but heck we gotta […]

  • Episode 19: Tomb Raider

    In this episode, Veronica talks about painting this year’s Paschal Candle. She dives into the process and some of the meaning. We also talk a little bit about James turning […]

  • Episode 18: Fabio -or- New Baby

    This is probably the worst podcast yet. We talk about talk about new baby, poop, epidurals, surgery, something called a pascal candle and fabio. It’s like the least appealing podcast […]

  • Episode 17: SVP Interview: Becka Pilling – or – Total Eclipse

    Photo credit: Amy R. A Special episode today. Veronica is due next month so I put together an interview from last summer 2017 with writer Becka Pilling. We recorded in […]

  • Episode 16: Nü Year

    We talk about xmas, We got a switch! 2017 Hightlights, Creativity block aka C-Block. 2018 squad goals, Veronica learns to give up on goals, like baking. It all kind of […]