Episode 17: SVP Interview: Becka Pilling – or – Total Eclipse

Becka Pilling
Photo credit: Amy R.

A Special episode today. Veronica is due next month so I put together an interview from last summer 2017 with writer Becka Pilling. We recorded in a noisy coffee shop so sorry about the noise. We spoke about writing on the internet, finding a community of writers to help you get off ur butt and write. We sort of dis food bloggers but it’s not intentional. We also talk about the eclipse. Yep, this podcast is pre-eclipse. Before we all started consuming Tide Pods to numb the pain.

Like I mentioned, Veronica is due next month so we might not be able to podcast for a little while. I should be putting up another interview in the future. But for now, you can visit didshehavethebaby.com if you’re wondering if Veronica had the baby and maybe buy us some stuff on the registry. You don’t have to but we would totally be grateful for it.

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