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  • Episode 14: A Very Thanksgiving Part I

    A very special thanksgiving episode with special guest Ed. Part one is about thanksgiving,depression, too many turkeys, depression, traditions, buying video games, and depression. Oh and these episodes have some […]

  • Episode 15: A Very Thanksgiving Part II

    Second part of our thanksgiving episode with special guest Ed. We do a really long and boring spoiler filled discussion about stranger things 2. Please watch it on netflix if […]

  • Episode 13: back on our bs

    We are back! holy moly! We talk about what we’ve been doing since the summer, How Veronica’s Inktober went this year, James’s first Halloween, holiday decorations, traditions we’d like to […]

  • Episode 12: The Buttcast

    Garden update and vertical gardens.Veronica talks more about creative challenge. What success means? Critiquing your own work. Accepting compliments. And Veronica’s place of work has a creative challenge. Links: Paper […]

  • Episode 11: Lack of hotdogs

    Sergio and Veronica talk about rail safety, good hotdogs, why you shouldn’t eat paint, and semi-deep dive on creative challenges.

  • Episode 10: The Electronic Three

    Sergio messes with Veronica’s garden, Veronica doesn’t like first person shooters. They talk about E3 for most of the podcast. Probably interesting if you’re following E3 2017, maybe not so […]

  • Episode 9: Seize the Carpet

    Sergio and Veronica are back, again, once more from a new location. They talk about James learning to walk, growing a garden on a deck, Eurovision, #fanartfridays and the meaning […]

  • Episode 8: Oh the humanity!

    Sergio and Veronica talk about what else? the legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. Minor spoilers. Veronica is getting tidy with Marie Kondo’s book. She shares her views on […]

  • Episode 7: Speed painting magician

    Sergio and Veronica talk about the passage of time, Brazilian birthday parties, giving up for lent, valentines day, we rank macarons, we talk about what we’re working on. Veronica does […]

  • Episode 6: The Christmas episode

    Show Notes Sergio and Veronica are joined by special Christmas guess Ed. We talk about Christmas things, hot takes on It’s a wonderful life, Jingle all the way, Sinbad, etc. […]